Vehicle Safety

Your truck needs to visit one of our Scrutineers to have it checked and ensure it meets the S4W vehicular safety requirements. This will enable you to participate in Club Runs.

Must have properly fitted Tow hooks fitted to front and rear of vehicle.

Must have selection of D shackles, 3 tonne minimum.

First Aid Kit

Fire extinguisher 2.0kg (min)

Approved towing strop Spade Spare wheel and tyre that matches the 4 on the vehicle, jack, wheel brace.

Roll cage in soft top vehicles.

One Hi-Vis fluorescent and reflective tape jacket required per vehicle.

A radio is strongly recommended as a part of your vehicles’ safety gear. A PRS radio is the preferred means of communication, with a UHF CB being acceptable. (If you are contemplating buying a new radio, check with other club members to be sure you buy one that will suit the new regulations and give you the best coverage.)

The trip leader will be checking that each vehicle has the correct gear and has the right to refuse you participation in a run for failing to comply. Valid annual scrutineering required or you will be turned away from club trips.

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