Farm Recon

On the eve of Cyclone Pam a few of us went on a farm recon.


shore4wheelersFarm Recon


WoodHill NightRun Banner 2Shore 4 Wheelers and Filthy4x4 have the opportunity to run a night run through the Woodhill 4wd Forest Park on the evening of October 4th 2014. The event will run along the lines of the last year’s night runs and gates open at 4:30pm for registration as it is a 5pm start.

All types of trucks from tough trucks through to shinnies will be catered for. If you are unfamiliar with the park, jump on the back of a group of like machines and experience the wonders of exploring the tracks in the dark. Roger has asked for everyone to be back at the “Lookout” by 10:30pm.

There will be a few patrol trucks for recoveries but solo exploration is not recommended as it is easy to get lost!

Sausages will be available at $2 each.
You will need to supply your own non alcoholic drinks.
Any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Please respect the Forest’s rules of NO ALCOHOL on the grounds.
NO Illegal DRUGS on the grounds.
If these are seen on you, you will be escorted out, and the Forest informed for a trespass notice to be issued.
Any abuse or worse to officials will be reported to the Police.

Ph Caleb or Phil: 027 683 4327 or 021 848 429

$45 per truck.

Gate Open Times:
The gates will be locked at 7.30pm. No entry after that time.
We will open the gates at 9.00pm and close at 9.15pm for people leaving The Park only.
They will open again at 10.30pm for people leaving The Park only.
This is to make it more structured for organisers and paying participants.


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